Destekleyen Kuruluşlar


An Anti-Diabetic Formulation with GLUT4 Translocation Elevative and Insulinotrophic Features

An Anti-inflammatory formulation with simultenaous PGE2 / Nf-Kappa B and FMO3 Suppressive Properties

A Pro-Somathropic formulation with GHR Agonistic Activity ; Enhancing IGF-1 mRNA expression via optimized Thyroid function

An Anti-Obesity Formulation that works via elevating PPARy expression and Thermogenin (UCP-1) levels.

A Formulation with Tissue Regeneration Enhancing Properties

A Thyrogenic Formula for the Treatment of Hypothyroidism

A Pro-Somathropic Formulation with GH and T3 mRNA Expression Enhancement Properties

A Pro-Dopaminergic Formulation with Selective cAMP Elevating and Dopamine Receptor Proliferation Enhancing Features

A Novel Anti-Inflammatory Formula with FMO3 and Substance P Suppressive Properties

A Nootropic Formula for the Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder

A Myotrophic Formulation for The Treatment of Muscle Weakness and Muscle Loss due to chronic Coma and Stroke

An Immunomodulative Formulation with Allergic Reaction Inhibitive Properties

A Topical Anti-Diabetic Formulation with Wound Healing Accelerative Effects

A Novel Approach to Viral Disease Treatment: Direct Reduction of Systemic Viral Load via Semi-Synthetic Flavonol Glycosides

An Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic Formulation with Simultaneous FMO3 / Nf-kappa B And PGE-2 Suppression Properties

Cerebrospinal upregulation of BDNF and NGF expression: A novel treatment for Neuro-Endocrinal Damage originated from Paralysis & Autoimmune Diseases

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